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Langston Junior Boys & Girls Golf Club members do not pay a participant fee, nor are there any regular revenue streams associated with our programs. Consequently, we rely exclusively on the generosity of individuals, corporations, private foundations, associations, organizations, and special event income to fund our activities. We rely on YOU to help US help our junior members.


The Club provides each junior golfer with equipment and accessories; we cover the cost of trips; and we offer our more "senior juniors" the opportunity to take part in the Langston Junior Boys & Girls Golf Team, a group that travels from time to time to regional and national junior golf tournaments.


We received our non-profit determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service in 1997; thus, all gifts to support the program are tax deductible under current IRS guidelines.


Consider the many different ways you can support Langston Junior financially: Send a check made payable to Langston Junior Boys & Girls Golf Club (or LJRGC) to our offices at 2600 Benning Road, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4846 (Attention: Ray Savoy, Founder & Director).