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About Us

Langston Junior Boys and Girls Golf Club (LJRGC) was originally established in 1990 under the umbrella of the national “Hook-A-Kid on Golf ” program. It took on an independent charter and operates as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization as an all-volunteer organization. Langston Junior Boys & Girls Golf Club operates from the historic Langston Golf Course in Northeast Washington, DC, one of the three metropolitan area courses owned by the National Park Service.

Through the Langston Junior Summer Program, over 200 boys and girls participate every summer for six weeks of golf instruction free of charge between late June and August. Our golfers learn much more than just the mechanics of golf. Langston’s volunteer instructors teach participants valuable life lessons through the cadence rules and requirements game.

Young golfers are encouraged to adopt and uphold our organization’s core value: Respect self. Respect others. They learn that takes it discipline, determination, and organization to improve their golf game and chances of success. Campers learn to cultivate principles of honesty and integrity as they understand the importance of striving for excellence on the golf course and throughout their daily lives.

Participants are recruited primarily from the DC public school system and through relationships that have been established with private summer program. Over time, the summer camp has grown to over 200 young people, aged 6-18. Langston Junior Boys & Girls Golf Club provides each junior golfer with equipment, covers the cost of trips to tournaments and clinics, and offers its more senior members the opportunity to participate on the Club’s Golf Team.


Board Of Directors

Raymond Savoy – Director/Founder
Shirley Washington – President
John M. Garner – Treasurer
Dr. Brent Frey – Community Relations
Gayle George – Consultant
James Ward – Consultant

Serving Our Community Since 1990

Langston Junior Boys & Girls Golf Club members do not pay a participant fee, nor are there any regular revenue streams associated with our programs. Consequently, we rely exclusively on the generosity of individuals, corporations, private foundations, associations, organizations, and special event income to fund our activities. We rely on YOU to help US help our junior members.

Activities and Events

Congratulations 2020 Scholarship Recipients!

Pictured: Sanaiya Johnson, Gabreleul Yacob, Gayle George John Garner, Ray Savoy, Shirley Washington, Diego Williams, Koran Savoy

Scholarship Awards

Summer Instructional Golf Camp

Langston Junior Golf Tournament


Respect for Self. Respect for Others. This is Langston Junior’s motto and our programs are designed to help young people practice this philosophy every day when they come to the Langston Golf Course for instruction. They definitely learn the mechanics of the game, but they also learn about the discipline it takes to play, the teamwork and etiquette that are necessary in order to succeed, and the organizational skills required to pull it all together. We believe in our young people and we invite our volunteers join us in expanding this sentiment by becoming involved in our organization. Your contribution is appreciated.

Club Sponsors

Club Donors

The National Capital Optimist Club

Pro-Duffers DC

DMV Athletes In Action

R.N. Horton Company Morticians

Raymon Belcher Jr. Legacy Award

Want To Join The Club?

Our junior golfers are the future. Every volunteer associated with Langston Junior Boys and Girls Golf Club believes in the young people we serve. We encourage our young people to govern themselves with a philosophical approach designed to strengthen and build character, at home, school and on the golf course. They learn to embrace the importance of their academic pursuits and to approach everything they do with excellence. The valuable life lessons are reinforced by the volunteers who dedicate time and energy to the Langston Junior Boys and Girls Golf Club. We sincerely appreciate the valuable contribution of our volunteers and warmly invite you to join the club.

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Langston Junior Boys And Girls Golf CLub

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